A Christian Program

What is a Christian martial arts program?  I’d like to say that it’s an easy definition; we’re a dojo of Christians, but I guess it’s not quite that simple.  Dojos that market themselves as “Christian” could mean several things, ranging from a secular martial arts class that happens to be populated by Christians, to a class that is centered and facilitated by Christian Scripture.  We are a bit of both.  We practice a 700 year old form of martial arts known as Chinese Kenpo. However, we are also a para-church ministry whose aim is to come alongside the local church to reach youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our curriculum has a Christian Scriptural component.  Bible lessons, scripture memory, prayer, and Christian fellowship are all core components of what we do at Karate for Christ, and the core to who we are.

All of our locations have a black belt instructor for the class, but Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Master of our dojo, and of our lives.

For centuries the martial arts have provided a framework upon which individuals developed strong bodies, alert minds, and spiritual discipline.  We believe this form of traditional martial arts combined with our Christian content fosters growth of a practitioner’s physical and spiritual discipline. We want to help them grow spiritually, through a personal relationship with Christ; physically with increased strength, speed, and overall health; and mentally, as one learns to increase concentration, self-confidence, self-discipline, and humility.